CMap issue in PDF file generated with recent TeX Live + Ghostscript

Ulrike Fischer news3 at
Tue Oct 19 19:22:04 CEST 2021

Am Mon, 18 Oct 2021 15:33:30 +0200 schrieb Vincent Lefevre:

>> LaTeX now sets \pdfgentounicode=1 by default and so adds cmaps to
>> the pdf. You can revert this by adding \pdfgentounicode=0 to your
>> document. But imho you should report this to ghostscript. 
> Indeed, I could check that \pdfgentounicode=0 solves the issue.
> However, this means that I can no longer use my own \pdfglyphtounicode
> mappings until Ghostscript is fixed.
> FYI, there wasn't any issue on the following code with the texlive
> Debian packages previous to 2021.20210921-1:
> \pdfglyphtounicode{ff}{0066 0066}
> \pdfglyphtounicode{ffi}{0066 0066 0069}
> \pdfglyphtounicode{ffl}{0066 0066 006C}
> \pdfglyphtounicode{fi}{0066 0069}
> \pdfglyphtounicode{fl}{0066 006C}
> \pdfgentounicode=1

LaTeX doesn't only activate \pdfgentounicode=1, it also load
glyphtounicode which adds more entries. E.g. if you add to your list


then after ps2pdf the cmap for fi is wrong again. 

Ulrike Fischer

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