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Karl Berry karl at
Sat Jul 18 23:53:40 CEST 2020

Hi Bob,


There's a lot of functionality.

Well, there are many sections and lists, so it's not exactly completely

    and, frankly, unusable 

I know what you mean, but, there's the information.

    man page which typesets to no less than 26 pages.

There's a lot of functionality. It's not going to get shorter.

    I propose to LaTeX-ify tlmgr.1.  Would that be acceptable?

No. It would be unmaintainable. Sorry.

Right now, tlmgr.1 and tlmgr.html are generated from the pod
documentation that is at the end of

There is also a program pod2latex (standard with Perl) which generates
LaTeX source meant to be included in a document.  If you can devise a
preamble for it (there is that makes you happier than the current man
page pdf, we can distribute that. If there are changes to the pod that
would make it better, that's fine too. (Doc for pod itself is at, e.g., It is not complicated.)

But the pod has to remain the ultimate source. --thanks, karl.

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