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Thu Jul 16 01:58:13 CEST 2020

On 2020-07-15 at 18:06:38 +0000, Cousin, Christian wrote:

 > Good afternoon,
 > Is there any way to store local .bib files anywhere other than in
 > the C:\Users\<username>\texmf directory? IÕd like to sync a .bib
 > with other people using the BoxSync software which paths to
 > C:\Users\<username>\Box Sync\
 > I can subsequently add the path C:\Users\<username>\Box Sync\texmf\
 > but will need to point TexLive to the Box Sync directory first.

Hi Christian,
the standard configuration file


contains the line


Copy this line and only this line to the file


and modify it as appropriate: 

  BIBINPUTS = $TEXMFDOTDIR;C:/Users/.....;$TEXMF/bibtex/bib//

Never change anything in web2c/texmf.cnf because all changes might get
lost after the next TeX Live update.

BTW, whenever your local directory must precede the standard
directories in the search path there is something wrong.  It's better
to prefix all your local files with "ua-" (for University of Alabama)
in order to avoid name clashes.  The search order only matters if
filenames are not unique.

The recommended way is to _append_ local stuff to the search path.


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