lilyglyphs.sty missing?

Urs Liska lists at
Thu Jul 2 17:20:28 CEST 2020

Someone posted an issue that lilyglyphs.sty seems to be missing in TeX
Live after updating to Ubuntu 20.04.

Further investigation showed that it is still present in the TeX Live
source tree at

but in Ubuntu and Debian it seems to have been removed from the

lilyglyphs is shown in
Ubuntu 19.10 - texlive-music (2019.20190710-1)
Debian buster - texlive-music (2018.20190227-2)

but not in
Ubuntu 20.04 - texlive-music (2019.202000218-1)
Debian Bullseye - texlive-music (2020.20200522-1)

Can anyone point me to something here?


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