luatex problem with file with umlauts on windows 10

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Hellenic-Institute.Uk
Sat Apr 25 16:19:58 CEST 2020

Zdeněk Wagner wrote:

> I have three questions:
> 1. What is your locale of your Windows? Is it UTF-8?

There does not appear to be such an option.  When one sets the system locale, one is setting it explicitly for programs that do not support Unicode.  Thus it would seem to the case that Unicode is the Windows 7+ default.  Whether this is UTF-8 or another variant, however, is currently moot.

> 2. Which character set is used for file names on your file system?

> "NTFS stores file names in Unicode". 

> 3. Are you sure that lfs knows the character set of your file system
> (you should query it) and that the file name is corrected to the right
> encoding?

No idea how one might ask it that question.

/Philip Taylor/
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