Package, Logo and Open Source

Karl Berry karl at
Sat Apr 25 00:23:15 CEST 2020

Nonfree logos need to be removed.  ("Nonfree" meaning, in short, "cannot
be modified and modified versions redistributed". outlines the requirements.)


I'll await Denis's update.  


I'll warn the authors before I remove that.

    But for one of them (useful for the end users), I guess the author will
    provide it with a free license. Nevertheless, I've no idea how/where this
    author could officially declare the license attached to this logo...

License statements about images can be made in an accompanying (or
top-level) README, or anywhere sensible. In addition, it's good to also
put license statements into the image itself, if the format allows for
it. But since it's much more convenient for the people checking such
things to look at small text files than decode binary formats, the
README statement is more important. Thanks. -k

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