Dependencies of the package ctex

Qing Lee sobenlee at
Tue Apr 21 16:05:14 CEST 2020

Hello all,

There are some dependencies of the package ctex.
Please consider adding them to the TLPDB.

    depend adobemapping
    depend atbegshi
    depend cjk
    depend cjkpunct
    depend ec
    depend epstopdf-pkg
    depend etoolbox
    depend everyhook
    depend fandol
    depend fontspec
    depend iftex
    depend infwarerr
    depend kvoptions
    depend kvsetkeys
    depend latex-bin
    depend ltxcmds
    depend luatexja
    depend mptopdf
    depend ms
    depend pdftexcmds
    depend platex-tools
    depend pxeverysel
    depend svn-prov
    depend tipa
    depend tools
    depend ttfutils
    depend ulem
    depend uplatex
    depend xcjk2uni
    depend xecjk
    depend xkeyval
    depend xpinyin
    depend xunicode
    depend zhmetrics
    depend zhmetrics-uptex
    depend zhnumber


Qing Lee

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