tl20 released

Karl Berry karl at
Sat Apr 18 23:43:08 CEST 2020

    My problem is that the man binary is overwritten by the texlive 

I see. Ok, I removed the man symlink in TL for all but darwin.
I believe it is useless everywhere else. We'll find out.

    That is a pitty.

I agree. Sorry, but I already spent too long trying to deal with that
strangeness and don't want to go back to it now. Maybe the simplest
workaround is to install texlive.infra and then remove tlmgr.

Alternatively, FWIW, tlmgr can actually be useful, or at least not
completely useless, for distros, due to the "user mode" that Norbert
implemented. Although I guess he's not completely happy about doing so :).

Norbert, maybe you can advise, and/or add something to
texlive/debian.html about it. Just for the record. --thanks, karl.

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