tl20 released

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Sat Apr 18 05:27:16 CEST 2020

Hi Karl,

>     more packagers nitpicks:
> What are you packaging TL for? Just curious.

Slackware, for the user repository
It will be also part of the next stable slackware release.

>     What purpose is the "man" symlink from texlive-scripts.ARCH?
> Desirable for Macs, as it makes their man automatically find the TL man
> pages without any user configuration.
>     It breaks the on linux commonly installed man/man-db for me.
> Can you install your man-db file in texmf-dist/doc/man?

Not really, man-pages on slackware have to reside in /usr/man.
My problem is that the man binary is overwritten by the texlive 

ls -la /usr/bin/man
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 27 Apr 16 01:03 /usr/bin/man -> 

This happens while putting scripts/symlinks in PATH, and i don't want to 
add a texlive-PATH,
as it used to be with TeTex.
This is easy to fix for packaging, but i wonder if no one other stumbled 
over this.

>     beamer in longdesc lists dependencies(atbegshi, etoolbox, hyperref,
>     ifpdf,pgf,translator)
>     which are only partly listed in it's depend list.
> Ok, added. (I suspect beamer has plenty more dependencies.)
>     Following packages name ifxetex,ifluatex,... in longdesc, but these
>     packages don't exist anymore in favour of package iftex:
> longdesc text comes from CTAN, so updates must be made there.
> Best would be to write ctan at and the package authors.


>     auto-pst-pdf-lua datetime2-it-fulltext luapackageloader xfakebold
>     These may also list iftex as depend.
> Ok, added. (I suspect many more packages depend on iftex. I don't
> want to try to find them or add them. But since you mentioned these, 
> ok. :)

Thanks, as texlive.tlpdb is the base of my build of the texmf-tree i 
wanted to note randomly seen

>     mktexlsr(link) is now in texlive.infra, but i'd like to avoid
>     texlive.infra as it also ships tlmgr which is not
>     recommended to be packaged. As mktexlsr is needed on any texlive
>     installation(although it's just the symlink in that package),
> texlive.infra contains the actual mktexlsr script as well as the
> symlinks in texlive.infra.ARCH.


>     may it be moved elsewhere, e.g. texlive-scripts?
> I tried putting mktexlsr in texlive-scripts; that would be the logical
> place for it. Unfortunately install-tl fails then, because it's not
> available early enough. So you'll have to work around this in some 
> other
> way. Sorry. --best, karl.

That is a pitty.
I assume there are some reasons to not put mktexlsr in 
as there are also some other duplicates in there.


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