tl20 released

Karl Berry karl at
Sat Apr 18 00:22:34 CEST 2020

Hi Johannes,

    more packagers nitpicks:

What are you packaging TL for? Just curious.

    What purpose is the "man" symlink from texlive-scripts.ARCH? 

Desirable for Macs, as it makes their man automatically find the TL man
pages without any user configuration.

    It breaks the on linux commonly installed man/man-db for me.

Can you install your man-db file in texmf-dist/doc/man?

    beamer in longdesc lists dependencies(atbegshi, etoolbox, hyperref, 
    which are only partly listed in it's depend list.

Ok, added. (I suspect beamer has plenty more dependencies.)

    Following packages name ifxetex,ifluatex,... in longdesc, but these 
    packages don't exist anymore in favour of package iftex:

longdesc text comes from CTAN, so updates must be made there.  
Best would be to write ctan at and the package authors.

    auto-pst-pdf-lua datetime2-it-fulltext luapackageloader xfakebold
    These may also list iftex as depend.

Ok, added. (I suspect many more packages depend on iftex. I don't
want to try to find them or add them. But since you mentioned these, ok. :)

    mktexlsr(link) is now in texlive.infra, but i'd like to avoid 
    texlive.infra as it also ships tlmgr which is not
    recommended to be packaged. As mktexlsr is needed on any texlive 
    installation(although it's just the symlink in that package), 

texlive.infra contains the actual mktexlsr script as well as the
symlinks in texlive.infra.ARCH.

    may it be moved elsewhere, e.g. texlive-scripts?

I tried putting mktexlsr in texlive-scripts; that would be the logical
place for it. Unfortunately install-tl fails then, because it's not
available early enough. So you'll have to work around this in some other
way. Sorry. --best, karl.

r53576 | karl | 2020-01-27 23:11:11 +0100 (Mon, 27 Jan 2020)
partially undo r53569, moving mktexlsr and {updmap,fmtutil}-hdr.* back
to texlive.infra to keep it sufficiently self-contained for install-tl[...]

r53569 | karl | 2020-01-27 19:25:28 +0100 (Mon, 27 Jan 2020)
[...] move mktexlsr to texlive-scripts [...]

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