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Hi Norbert,

W dniu 05.11.2019 o 14:42, Norbert Preining pisze:

> On Tue, 05 Nov 2019, Joseph Wright (CHE - Staff) wrote:
>> Working on automated testing, I run across a reasonable number of cases
>> where package dependencies are missing in TeX Live. Is it worth me
> That is to be expected. We did never and do not promise inter-package
> dependencies to be correct, but we **try** to keep collections and their
> dependencies complete. That means, if you install collection-X, then
> everything you need should be installed automatically.

While customizing TinyTeX (thanks Yihui!) I've noted a spurious 
dependecy, very likely ages old: mex (polonized tex) depending on pl 
(Literate Programming for Prolog with LaTeX) ;-)

-- Jerzy Ludwichowski

> But, we are fine with getting inter-package dependencies and add them to
> our system. You can either send a patch to the tlpsrc files, or a simple
> list (package -depends-> package*).
> Best
> Norbert
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