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Denis Bitouzé denis.bitouze at
Thu Apr 16 14:46:26 CEST 2020

Le 15/04/20 à 16h24, Karl Berry a écrit :

>     I thought the compilations would be done for all the languages by
>     Karl. 
> Some translators ask me to do it, which is fine. Other translators
> prefer to do it themselves, which is also fine. I just need to be
> informed.  Sorry I failed to notice that your pdf/html weren't updated.

You're welcome: I should have been more careful.

>     What is this strange `tlpre`?
> A personal command of mine to run a command in my pretest
> tree (exec env PATH=/path/to/pretest/x86_64-linux:$PATH "$@").
> I didn't mean to commit it. Dropping it is the right thing to
> do. Similarly, I should have changed ~/bin/texfot in texfot_html to just
> be "texfot". Committed those tweaks now ...


> --thanks

You're welcome!

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