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Warren MacEvoy wmacevoy at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 02:45:48 CEST 2020

I am trying to maintain a docker container (like a small virtual machine with specific software0 so TexLive users can make a specific container that reliably and efficiently can be used to make their latex documents.

A real problem is that each year I have to move to the latest tex live distribution; which inevitably breaks the building of documents based on older packages.  

Philosophically, this is a serious problem.  There are many old documents which will require expert intervention to create if the build tools move this much every year, and the old tools do not work.

I tried downloading an archive build and got a failed installation on a checksum.

Reliably building old documents should be a priority for the texlive system.  Otherwise a love of creative intellectual property will become unstable. 

Can there be a long term maintenance policy for some versions of texlive?  Leaving an archive to 3rd parties does not seem reasonable, especially if those builds just fail after one year…


Warren MacEvoy
https://github.com/wmacevoy/latex-docker <https://github.com/wmacevoy/latex-docker>
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