Install texlive on WSL subsystem in text mode

Angelo Graziosi angelo.g0 at
Mon Apr 13 22:45:59 CEST 2020

Jose Hissa Ferreira wrote:
> Unfortunately, all my attempts failed.

How do you install?

I use TeXLive on WSL since WSL was added to Windows (maybe I do use WSL just for TeXlive) and I Install always with the install-tl script, from command line. Usually I choose HOME/texlive for installation and than move the installation directory to /opt: just this last step needs sudo. Obviously I have a script which is sourced by .bashrc and sets all the needed environment variable, but this only if /opt/texlive exists.

Really, they are a few year I do not install TeXlive at all nor I use tlmgr to maintain it up to date on WSL: just rsync the installation I do on GNU/Linux Mint and which is based on the same Ubuntu of WSL. I install and update only on Mint and then I rsync it on two machine, one with W10 Pro and another (a tablet!) with W10 Home. On WSL you cannot use X apps unless you use extra software..

On WSL I have a symlink to the Windows folder where LaTeX docs live...


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