TeX Collection upload from April 6

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Wed Apr 8 00:15:59 CEST 2020

Philip Taylor wrote:

Download hung at 90% in browser (6.5GB), [...] resumed downloading using WGET -c http://tug.org/~manfred/texcol2020.iso and all now proceeding normally (95%).

Philip Taylor

Notes/comments in real time as I encounter them :

  1.  No obvious way of launching the installer when the ISO is mounted rather than burned; I had to inspect the contents of "Autorun.inf" to find out what it might have done had it been burned to a physical disc

  2.  So launched "setup\texcollection.exe" as Administrator (I do not want arbitrary users to be able to modify the installation, even though I am normally the sole user of this particular machine), customised the installation (see attached) but found when trying to capture the customisation that when the "TeX Live 2020 Installer" window has focus, both "Print Screen" and "Control Print Screen" are ignored — I had to diver focus to the desktop.

  3.  Installation commenced circa 18:35

  4.  At 19:35, current = "ffslides"

  5.  At 20:35, current = "mnsymbol"

  6.  By 22:35, finished (apparently with complete success, tho' as-yet untested).

But one part puzzles me — the very final part of the log reads :

 The following environment variables contain the string "tex"
 (case-independent).  If you're doing anything but adding personal
 directories to the system paths, they may well cause trouble somewhere
 while running TeX.  If you encounter problems, try unsetting them.
 Please ignore spurious matches unrelated to TeX.

yet there is no environment variable "WISH" (I have checked), and I have no idea what V:\texlive\tlpkg\tltcl\bin\wish.exe does.  Running it tells me "couldn't read file 'does': no such file or directory" (quotes around "does" inverted to allow outer double quotes).

Philip Taylor

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