Call for testing: TeX Collection 2020

Harald Koenig koenig at
Fri Apr 3 18:30:06 CEST 2020

please read below (BUT #2) for new web-proxy problem with install-tl...

On Apr 02, Manfred Lotz wrote:

> Hi folks,
> The tex collection image for 2020 is available for testing at

here some testing info, not for TeX Collection but for pretest network install (sorry).

1) when I read the pretest info from "tlmgr update" some time ago (install-tl is dated March 7), I installed on openSUSE tumbleweed:
installation worked fine, some basic latex documents worked (no context test so far).

today I found some time to test netinstall on two company's ubuntu 18.04 LTS machines (my notebook and server): install on notebook went fine.

BUT #1: latex support doxygen output is still broken since januar 2019 (ok, mostly a CTAN problem I guess):

BUT #2: installation on server "failed" somewhat, because there is a 30 seconds timeout trying to connect to a local strange (home grown) web proxy written in python.
only after 30 secs, the fallback to wget works fine.  4000 packages * 30secs timeout == 2000+ h installtime, that's no fun;)
using option "-no-persistent-downloads" as workaround then worked.

what's intertesting here is that 'tlmgr update' for tl2019 just works fine with that same proxy/server!

are tlmgr and install-tl using mostly the same web-access code,
and if yes, did anything change here between 2019 and 2020 ?
right now there are no new packages in pretest-2020 to test 'tlmgr update' here (will try next week...)

that python proxy so far worked quite flawlessly with *many* external sites and internal tools,
this is the first "web client" which failed so far.

I've filed an internal bug report for that proxy thing with cut'n'paste script how to install tl-2020, let's see;)

if you have any idea what to test from tl-2020 side to understand/fix this issue,
I'm happy do help testing (to run debug scripts, I have no perl knowledge so debugging just myself is "hard" == mostly impossible;)

will try to do some install test with the TeX Collection iso image "RSN"...

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