mktexlsr not found in

Karl Berry karl at
Mon Dec 30 15:05:18 CET 2019

    Can't exec "mktexlsr": No such file or directory at 

Sorry. Of course that shouldn't have happened. I'll have to look into
why our test install succeeded -- it should have failed and the broken
setup not be distributed.

Anyway, I'm fixing it and will update tlnet again, although I doubt the
changes will make it around CTAN before another 24 hours or
so. Meanwhile, for anyone who hasn't already updated, it would be best
to refrain.

By the way, is not intended to be the target of the link (it
mostly works, but not entirely ... I forget). The problem was not
distributing the mktex* shell scripts in scripts/texlive/.  --sorry, karl.

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