List of changes before updating

Sergio Callegari sergio.callegari at
Tue Dec 24 16:00:27 CET 2019


I would like to ask if there is a way to get a changelog for packages for which 
updates exist.

- I have noticed that the ctan annoucements rss include a short changelog, but I 
cannot see if tlmrg is able to deliver it;

- I have also noticed that for some packages (e.g. some fonts or luatex), 
texlive updates may happen with the packages themselves staying at the same 
version, which I guess is the result of an update in the packaging, rather than 
an update in the inner packages. For these packages it would be particularly 
useful to know from tlmgr what is going to change with the update, since looking 
at the package sources often provides no hint.

If there is currently no way to get changelogs, may I suggest a tlmgr update 
<xxx> --changelog, not doing any actual update, but showing a short changelog 
for the package?



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