Windows installer, failure, restarted with generated profile

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Wed Dec 11 16:43:59 CET 2019

I needed to get the PC out the door, so everything was deleted before trying again.

I would have loved if Karl-Heinz' description would work, but it never have. And as far as I remember the installer cannot.

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Hi Lars,

not sure what you want us to do, especially without seeing any logs!

On Tue, 10 Dec 2019, Lars Madsen wrote:
> In the installation I just did, the installation failed at some texdoc part (the checksum was wrong), would have been nice if the installation could just have proceeded. But we only had the choice to abort.

I guess you mean that you would like the installer to restart
installation at the state when the part failed, right? This **is** a
tricky thing, since many things might have changes since the
installation failed:
- start installation, fails
- no time, wait a day, tlnet is updated, lots of things have changed
- restart installation ... hmmmm, how?

> When we restarted the installation the isntaller asked if we wanted to use the same profile, sure.

Yes, this is the best we can do, allow you to restart the installation
with the very same settings, instead of reentering them.

> And then it seemed to stop on loading the repository with a message that one should abort or change repo if it took too long.

??? No idea about that.

> So I'm just wondering, what exactly is suppose to happen if you restart the installation using the same profile?

I restarts the complete installation, with the same settings you did the
last time.



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