Windows installer, failure, restarted with generated profile

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Wed Dec 11 14:38:38 CET 2019

Hi Norbert,

might it be there's a concept problem?

If I want to install TeX Live I typically want to install a released 
version (mostly: the newest, I guess) -- but not install a changing 

So if installation fails due to checksum error of the n-th file, I would 
expect the next installation-run to resume with that very file:

Instead of deleting the complete tmp folder then only that damadged file 
would be deleted.

Nothing would have changed on the server in between: Because I do not 
access trunk, but the newest released(!) version of TeX Live.

:)  At least that's what I (as a user) would like to be able to do.



Am 11.12.2019 03:41 schrieb Norbert Preining:
> Hi Lars,
> not sure what you want us to do, especially without seeing any logs!
> On Tue, 10 Dec 2019, Lars Madsen wrote:
>> In the installation I just did, the installation failed at some texdoc 
>> part (the checksum was wrong), would have been nice if the 
>> installation could just have proceeded. But we only had the choice to 
>> abort.
> I guess you mean that you would like the installer to restart
> installation at the state when the part failed, right? This **is** a
> tricky thing, since many things might have changes since the
> installation failed:
> - start installation, fails
> - no time, wait a day, tlnet is updated, lots of things have changed
> - restart installation ... hmmmm, how?
>> When we restarted the installation the isntaller asked if we wanted to 
>> use the same profile, sure.
> Yes, this is the best we can do, allow you to restart the installation
> with the very same settings, instead of reentering them.
>> And then it seemed to stop on loading the repository with a message 
>> that one should abort or change repo if it took too long.
> ??? No idea about that.
>> So I'm just wondering, what exactly is suppose to happen if you 
>> restart the installation using the same profile?
> I restarts the complete installation, with the same settings you did 
> the
> last time.
> Best
> Norbert
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