Windows installer, failure, restarted with generated profile

Lars Madsen daleif at
Tue Dec 10 11:37:56 CET 2019

What exactly is suppose to happen here?

In the installation I just did, the installation failed at some texdoc part (the checksum was wrong), would have been nice if the installation could just have proceeded. But we only had the choice to abort.

When we restarted the installation the isntaller asked if we wanted to use the same profile, sure.

And then it seemed to stop on loading the repository with a message that one should abort or change repo if it took too long.

It was not really clear what the installer was doing at this point if anything.

So I'm just wondering, what exactly is suppose to happen if you restart the installation using the same profile?

(I ended up deleting everything, and is running the net installation again, which takes about an hour)

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