[EXT] Spacing with Font Roboto

Taylor, P P.Taylor at rhul.ac.uk
Tue Dec 10 00:20:43 CET 2019

Alexander Krumeich wrote:

[...] in the text representation a space is added after some characters. Consider
the following MWE:


This is a test.

I was unable to get your example to work at all, despite downloading and installing the Roboto family from Google and then running "fc-cache <etc>", but I was able to use Roboto in plain XeTeX, as in :

\font \thisfont = "Roboto Medium"


This is a test.


Viewing the resulting PDF in Adobe Acrobat CC, then using "File / Export to / Text (plain) yielded :

This is a test.

with no anomalous spaces or lack thereof.  Copy-and-paste similarly evidenced no anomalies.

Philip Tayor

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