tlmgr check all...

Karl Berry karl at
Sat Dec 7 23:54:09 CET 2019

    Hello, someone here can tell me why by running `tlmgr check all`
    (today) I get:

The runfiles dups are problematic, but expected. They've all been around
for years. I wrote to the respective maintainers back when I first
discovered them, and they promised to address the dups in the next
releases, but that has not happened (generally I think those packages
have not had updates).  Lacking actual reports from users about
problems, I don't want to go further. If you or someone else wants to
write them to urge new releases, perhaps that will have more effect.

Meanwhile, I guess I should add them to the long list of exceptions in's check_files routine (currently line 5517ff. if you're

The "texmfdb paths" check is something new that I asked Norbert to whomp
up a couple months ago to check for consistency between !! being
specified and being listed in the TEXMFDBS. We haven't made the output
pretty (i.e., silent if no problems) yet. That output looks
good (non-problematic) to me. --thanks, karl.

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