[tex-live] interfering tfms

Bob Tennent rdt at cs.queensu.ca
Wed Jan 24 11:47:40 CET 2018

 >|I agree with Karl that tgothic package should change the
 >|font names, which is far easier than changing a range of
 >|several TeX engines and support document.

The developer (Peter Wilson) says

 I did the Gothic fonts and packages in 2002 but that's
 a long time ago and looking at some of the code now I
 don't understand it. My original coding has been lost with
 international moves and various computers.

so I think that option isn't available.  

It's unlikely any user would need both Olde Englishe fonts
and Japanese fonts. Perhaps some cautionary advice in the
tgothic README would suffice. But what should that advice
be: if necessary, remove ptex before using tgothic? My
original question was "Is there a better way?"

Bob T.

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