[tex-live] TL2017's dvipdfmx prints warnings

Bob Tennent rdtennent at gmail.com
Sat Jan 20 17:54:22 CET 2018

 >| My document never enters math mode, so I don't see why
 >| math fonts are in play.

Presumably mathdesign implements square brackets with its
math font.

 >|According to its manual (and also the top of
 >|mathdesign.sty), the mathdesign package hasn't changed
 >|since 2013. And yet these warnings didn't appear until
 >|TL2017. So there is something about TL2017 in particular
 >|that is either causing a bug or revealing a latent one.

Perhaps dvipdfmx now generates warnings that it didn't
bother with earlier. You can turn them off by using 
dvipdfmx -q.

Bob T.

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