[tex-live] Missing files in "comprehensive"

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Jan 10 22:39:24 CET 2018

I removed it to make more space on the DVD, which is pretty much
overfull already.

It's not make or break to put it back, but in these days of arbitrarily
magnifiable electronic documents, I don't understand the need to also
have the letter over having just the a4. Your explanations didn't make
sense to me, sorry. (I doubted anyone printed it out on an actual
printer, and for that, the -letter.pdf on CTAN should suffice anyway.)

E.g., I long ago set up my PDF viewer for texdoc to default to just
fitting to the window size, since there are tons of both a4 and letter
pdfs in TL.

If all other things were equal, I'd certainly include them both, but all
other things aren't equal. -k

P.S. I have to remove more platform binary sets from the DVD only
(they'll still be available for normal network install), as we started
doing last year. I also removed the premade pst-geo examples/*.pdf files
for the same reason.

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