[tex-live] Issue installing Tex Live on Windows 10

Andrea Eugenio Gini andreaeugenio.gini at gmail.com
Tue Aug 4 08:56:29 CEST 2015

Hi, I tried to install Tex Live on a clean installation of Windows 10 home
64bit (so the system is clean and recently wiped and reinstalled) but i
have some issues.

When I start the installation process via network the CMD (anche
installation itself) shut down at the very beginning.
Right after the running of the installer or the batch file a popup show up
with an alert message. "Error of the application. It is impossible to start
the application 0xc0000142"
The title of the pop up is "Perl.exe"

This problem happens everytime at the start of the installation with the
windows bat file and with the advanced bat file.

The exe installer simply unpack the file (the green writings in the
software windows) but after that i can only click the close button and
nothing happen.
I imagine that after that normally should autoexecute the installation

With the Tex LIve image (iso) the problem is the same that with the archive
with the batch file.

The issue happens with administration privilege too.

The issue happens with execution of batch file directly via prompt and with
code string of -no-gui or -gui text too.

I try install an external version of perl (strawberry) but the same happens.

If I overwrite the perl folder into the zip archive with the bin and lib
file from the strawberry installation then effectively the installation
start. Then the CMD stamp a very large list of problem about perl
(obviously is only a try).
I think the same issue is present if i copy the lib and bin folder from the
live cd, because perl.exe crash too in the live cd, so is pointless the

The system is "new", I wiped and reinstalled for two times two days ago.
Everything went fine, all the programs just work fine and the only issue is
with Tex Live.

I need this partucular suite for University.

I attach a link from the discussion on StackExchange Tex's Board:


Kind regards,

Andrea Eugenio

P.S. Sorry for the very bad english
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