[tex-live] TeXlive is too big: how too switch from the full scheme to a smaller scheme

Hendrik Maryns hendrik at hendrikmaryns.name
Wed Feb 27 20:48:06 CET 2013

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Op 27-02-13 11:42, Alois Steindl schreef:
> On 02/26/2013 10:44 AM, Hendrik Maryns wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I have /usr/local on a separate partition of 3.5G which is now
>> almost full, mainly due to TL.  Analyzing the disk shows me that
>> first culprit is the documentation and second the source.  I
>> removed the source folders, which gives me some solace for now,
>> but makes tlmgr spit out errors (ah well).
>> But what I really would want to do is switch from the full scheme
>> to the GUST scheme (for now).  However, if I remove the full
>> scheme in tlmgr gui, it starts to remove /everything/.  I only
>> want it to forget the packages that are in the full scheme, but
>> not in the GUST scheme. Is that possible?  If not, consider this
>> an RFE.
>> Cheers, H. - -- Hendrik Maryns
> Hello, if you really want to spend time to save a few GB of data,
> you could try the following:

Well, yes, disk space is cheap now, but it?s a partition on a disk and
I don?t want to go moving partitions around, too risky, not worth it.

> Get the files scheme-full.tar.xz and scheme-guts.tar.xz from the
> TeXLive DVD (or from some network source, I found these in the
> directory CTAN/systems/texlive/tlnet/archive) and unpack them. By
> comparing these two files you could find out, which collections
> you should remove from your installation to obtain the gust-scheme.
> But be careful: some packages in the gust-scheme, like amstex, are
> not selected from a collection, but individually. Now you can do 
> tlmgr remove <list of collections and packages, which you would
> like to remove>.

The whole point is that I want to do this /without/ having to download
everything again.  Or am I misunderstanding what those two files are?

Anyway, this is very bothersome, I was hoping there would be an option
for this in tlmgr.  Consider this an RFE then: flexible switching of

Cheers, H.
- -- 
Hendrik Maryns
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