[tex-live] re-installation of an individual file

Bernhard Kleine bernhard.kleine at gmx.net
Sun Jan 29 09:55:58 CET 2012


the following MWE does not run properly and gives an error


the error:
Package: mathpazo 2005/04/12 PSNFSS-v9.2a Palatino w/ Pazo Math (D.Puga,

! LaTeX Error: Missing \begin{document}.

See the LaTeX manual or LaTeX Companion for explanation.
Type  H <return>  for immediate help.
l.81 ...athopen} {upright}{"28}{largesymbols}{"00}
You're in trouble here.  Try typing  <return>  to proceed.
If that doesn't work, type  X <return>  to quit.

! Missing number, treated as zero.
<to be read again> 
l.81 ...athopen} {upright}{"28}{largesymbols}{"00}

Unnessary to say that I did not edit mathpazo.sty. The error happened
from one compilation of a large document to the next. I suppose some
Harddisk hickup. Any possibility to re-install mathpazo individually
using texlive?

Any help welcome!

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