[tex-live] Problem with perl in Windows 7

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Wed Jan 11 00:39:51 CET 2012

On 2012-01-11 at 04:05:58 +0700, Robert B. Gozzoli wrote:

 > Dear John and all list members,
 > I thank you for the email. When I run Biber through the command
 > line, it works fine. I attach the log file here at the bottom. Even
 > with emacs, pressing C-c C-c, does not give me any problem about
 > it. And I have to press it a few times, but I can get the final PDF
 > with Xelatex. It is with something like Texworks or WinEdt that the
 > problem come out. Even invoking biber in Texworks does not do
 > anything. The warnings about entries not found are my fault for not
 > putting them there yet. Utils.pm just complains about that.  I use
 > the identical file in my netbook, so I am sure that the file is
 > fine.
 > Thus, I believe the problem goes back to perl, that is somehow
 > corrupted. I can use emacs, and running cyclically for the
 > output. But the point is that if perl get corrupted, a way to
 > restore it would be nice.

If you can run Biber successfully from the command line, then neither
Biber nor Perl can be corrupted.  Emacs actually doesn't do anything
else than invoking programs on the command line.

If things don't work with TeXworks or WinEdt, please look into their
configuration files.  Maybe they are not consistent.

It's unlikely that there's something wrong with your environment since
programs work on the command line.  But it can't hurt to check it
though, just to be sure.  Type

  set > environment.txt

on the command line and inspect the file carefully.  TeX related
things are suspicious.

 > I have a problem with perl.exe, and this does not make Texify in
 > WinEdt as well as TexWorks work properly under Windows 7. Last
 > week, I had a problem with perl when I updated TexLive 2011 through
 > tlmgr by Cmd. The screen at the end complained that it could not
 > update updmap.sys.

It's certainly not a Perl problem either.  You could update many files 
but not updmap-sys.  I still suspect file permission problems.  Please
note that what has been discussed recently is *not* related to virus
scanners only.  Any program can lock files needed by other programs on
Windows and make them crash.

However, if it happens again, please save the error message before
doing anything else.


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