[tex-live] expl3 updated but not xpackages

Denis Bitouzé dbitouze at wanadoo.fr
Tue Sep 28 08:00:19 CEST 2010

Le lundi 27/09/10 à 23h31,
karl at freefriends.org (Karl Berry) a écrit :

> Robin and Joseph have already answered about the real issue (updates
> are in TL for tonight),

Yes, it is OK this morning.

> but I wanted to mention one thing:
>     cat-version: SVN 2047
> Do not rely on the cat-version.  It may or may not be up to date wrt
> the actual files that are installed.  There is no feasible way to
> make it perfect, so just consider it "advisory".

Thanks for pointing this me out.

> If you want to know the real version for sure (e.g., for bug reports),
> then check the sources,


> or use the *TL* version number.

Is there a way to get it by command line?


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