[tex-live] TL2010 dvipdfmx pdf:fstream broken?

Will Robertson wspr81 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 27 07:49:21 CEST 2010

On 27/09/2010, at 2:37 PM, Akira Kakuto wrote:

>> Looking into attaching files to XeTeX documents
>> (・la attachfile(2).sty), I tried out the following
>> recipe given by Jin-Hwan Cho
>> (http://www.tug.org/TUGboat/tb30-1/tb94cho.pdf):
> The current directory was removed from DVIPDFMXINPUTS
> for a security reason in the latest TL2010.
> Therefore use ./example.txt as I suggested previously,
> or run as
> DVIPDFMXINPUTS='.:' dvipdfmx dvifilename

Oh, of course -- I should have guessed this.
The relative filename works well for me, thanks.

(And if I've time I'll put together a patch for attachfile(2) to support dvipdfmx; if anyone's done it before or planning to do it themselves please let me know to save me the effort :) )

Best regards,
-- Will

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