[tex-live] musixtex in texlive-2010

Bob Tennent rdt at cs.queensu.ca
Fri Sep 24 04:24:30 CEST 2010

 >|Can you point us to a consistent release of musixtex which CTAN and TL
 >|can hold?  ("Taupin's last release", wherever that may be?)  Or prepare
 >|one, if there isn't one :)?  This would help move things along

Since Daniel Taupin died, musixtex has been maintained by 

Don Simons <dsimons at roadrunner.com>
Jean-Pierre Coulon <coulon at obs-nice.fr>
Hiroaki MORIMOTO <CQX05646 at nifty.com>

The T-114 rev. 4 release is the most recent and is available here:


But why re-do what Jindrich Novy at Red Hat (jnovy at redhat.com) has
already done: package up musixtex and friends in tex-live-2010
compatible packages. I pointed him to the Icking site in April.


Unfortunately, the icking-music-archive.org-tex-music mail list
doesn't seem to be functioning, but I've alerted Don Simons to
this issue.

Bob T.

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