[tex-live] context missing in tlmgr list

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Thu Sep 23 04:08:58 CEST 2010

On Mi, 22 Sep 2010, Adam R. Maxwell wrote:
> Running `tlmgr list` shows many lines of 
>   context.somearch: somearch files of context
> but there is no
> i context: shortdesc


$ tlmgr version
tlmgr revision 19740 (2010-09-15 18:25:23 +0900)
tlmgr using installation: /home/norbert/tl/2010
TeX Live (http://tug.org/texlive) version 2010
$ tlmgr list | grep ' context[:\.]'
i context: The ConTeXt macro package.
  context.alpha-linux: alpha-linux files of context
  context.amd64-freebsd: amd64-freebsd files of context
  context.amd64-kfreebsd: amd64-kfreebsd files of context
  context.i386-cygwin: i386-cygwin files of context
  context.i386-freebsd: i386-freebsd files of context
  context.i386-kfreebsd: i386-kfreebsd files of context
  context.i386-linux: i386-linux files of context
  context.i386-netbsd: i386-netbsd files of context
  context.i386-solaris: i386-solaris files of context
  context.mips-irix: mips-irix files of context
  context.powerpc-aix: powerpc-aix files of context
  context.powerpc-linux: powerpc-linux files of context
  context.sparc-linux: sparc-linux files of context
  context.sparc-solaris: sparc-solaris files of context
  context.universal-darwin: universal-darwin files of context
  context.win32: win32 files of context
  context.x86_64-darwin: x86_64-darwin files of context
i context.x86_64-linux: x86_64-linux files of context
  context.x86_64-solaris: x86_64-solaris files of context
i maybemath: Make math bold or italic according to context.

AM I missing something? I don't understand your problem?

Best wishes

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