[tex-live] [win32] bibtex and makeindex - Forbidden to openfor writing

Thomas Jung thomas.jung at public-files.de
Wed Sep 15 04:27:38 CEST 2010

"Karl Berry" <karl at freefriends.org> wrote in message 
news:201009142145.o8ELjChs007710 at f7.net...
>    D:\mydocs\tmp\document.1.blg: Forbidden to open for writing
>    I couldn't open file name `D:\mydocs\tmp\document.1.blg'
>>From http://tug.org/texlive/doc/texlive-en/texlive-en.html#news:
>  ... BibTeX and Makeindex now refuse to write their output files to an
>  arbitrary directory (like TeX itself), by default. This is so they can
>  now be enabled for use by the restricted \write18. To change this, the
>  TEXMFOUTPUT environment variable can be set, or the openout_any setting
>  changed.
> I'm glad Siep knew another incantation that may help you.

Thank you for your tip. That's the reason.
I could fix this by setting:

openout_any = r

in the top-level texmf.cnf file.

openout_any = a

schould work too. ;-)

But had no success to set the environment var like:

set TEXMFOUTPUT=D:/mydoc/tmp;

and a relative path doesn't work either. E.g.
set TEXMFOUTPUT=./tmp;

Does anybody knows the right syntax?
Because I would prefer to set it in a script.


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