[tex-live] question about archive naming scheme

Gergely Gábor gilgalad at elte.hu
Thu Sep 9 11:26:23 CEST 2010


I have a serious question about the archive naming scheme of tex package
 Why do they lack any hint to the version of the package contained in
 the archive? This make packaging the software a painful expreience. Or
 more specifically: distributing the software in a source-based software
 distribution environment, such as pkgsrc, as the sources referenced in
 "recepies" are called the same way, but contain a different version,
 and have different checksums. It is easy to see, that such automated
 software distribution systems need to provide the authenticity of the
 sources (for the sake of security), and the apropriate versions, known
 to work (for the sake of stability). Therefore I'd kinly ask you, to
 tell me a way to obtain tex archives from past versions, and, possibly
 i'd like to as ou to consider changing the archive distribution to a
 way (possibly reverse compatible with the current scheme, so _also_)
	offering a way to be able to choose from multiple versions of the
	tex packages.
I must also emphasise, that this does not only affect NetBSD (or other
		systems using pkgsrc) but also affects gentoo, and other source
based distributions.

Yours Sincerely: Gábor Gergely
                       (an unhappy LaTeX user, as cannot get TeX working
						on NetBSD)
Bízzál Istenben, és tartsd szárazon a puskaport!
Put your trust in God, and keep the gunpowder dry!
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