[tex-live] minor tlmgr -gui issues

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Mon May 31 17:45:10 CEST 2010

On Di, 01 Jun 2010, Norbert Preining wrote:
> > * If there is an infra update, tlmgr quits itself after installing it.
> > This works fine, but the last thing the operating system reports to
> > me is a segfault:
> >
> > Executing action update texlive.infra
> > [1/1, ??:??/??:??] update: texlive.infra [215k] (18585 -> 18612) ... done
> > running mktexlsr ...
> > done running mktexlsr.
> > Completed.
> > Segmentation fault
> Hmmm, you are right ... very strange. I see the same on my unix box, with
> 	perl[20157]: segfault at 7ff53e07c72d ip 00007ff5a2b60588 sp 00007fff2f1f8dc8 error 4 in Tk.so[7ff5a2afc000+e0000]
> I think I have to convince TL to finish decently the Tk module.
> Currently the tlmgrgui.pl code jumps into tlmgr.pl:finish and that
> calls simply 
> 	exit
> and I expected that by that all the Tk stuff is shut down properly. 
> But it looks it doesn't. Maybe I have to add a
> 	$::mainwindow->destroy;
> before that. I will play around. Thanks for metnioninig it.

That did the trick ($mw->destroy; just before finish(0) in tlmgrgui.pl)

At least on my unix there is no segfault anymore.

Please test with tomorrows tlmgr (if there was an update), or edit it by
--- tlmgrgui.pl	(revision 18646)
+++ tlmgrgui.pl	(working copy)
@@ -1499,6 +1499,9 @@
     # is run immediately
     # make sure we exit in finish(0)
     $::gui_mode = 0;
+    # also delete the main window before we kill the process to 
+    # make sure that Tk is happy (segfault on cmd line, email Taco)
+    $mw->destroy;

Best wishes

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