[tex-live] TL'10 pretest trial

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Tue May 25 16:51:07 CEST 2010


Karl Berry wrote:
> Give it a try if you're willing.

I just tried a network install of the context scheme. First, the
very good news: both context mkii and mkiv are close to perfect,
based on the tests I have done so far.

Nevertheless, some requests and remarks, in order of importance:

* it would be really nice if the tl installer could be made to run
   an initial
	luatools --generate
   in post-install because otherwise the 'context' command does
   not work out of the box.

* fmtutil does not want to generate the context mkii formats, even
   though they are defined in fmtutil.cfg. Maybe this is because there
   are two entries with the same name?

* it would be even nicer if fmtutil could be made to support mkiv
   formats as well. The creation command is:

   context --make [en|nl|fr|ro|de|it]

   [|] == alternate choices

   even just 'en' would be really nice to have.

* assuming the final version will keep shell_escape=p: can 'mpost'
   please be added to the list of acceptable commands? otherwise
   we will have to ask all context users to add shell_escape=t
   by themselves

* because $TEXMFCACHE is not set in texmf.cnf, the context luatex-cache
   folder ends up in my $TMP directory (but that's ok, it works)

* perhaps the pxfonts and txfonts packages can be added into
   scheme-context. context uses these for math in the default 'palatino'
   and 'times' typescripts.

Finally (but maybe that is just me):

* in tlmgr --gui, it was not at all obvious to me that you can click on
   the 'Loaded repository: none' to actually load a repository.

Best wishes,

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