[tex-live] enable etex from the commandline in TeX Live and a missing dvi file

Thomas Jung thomas.jung at public-files.de
Sun May 23 20:55:52 CEST 2010


I would like to use the latex with the etex extensions from the
commandline and with MiKTeX and in the past I had it done
by defalult and by invoking latex with

latex -enable-etex [...other opts...] mydoc.tex

in TeX Live I tried to do that with:

latex -etex

but than I get the hint  "-etex only works with -ini"
If I add the -ini option I get the error:
./document.tex:14: I can't find file `{preamble}'.

Hmmm, looks interesting and I assume there must be an
additional *.ini file for etex formats

I searched the TeX-Live tree and found etex.ini which
includes etex.src

IMHO the final command should be something like

latex -etex -ini etex.ini

but this produces much output of additional etex messsages.
Would be good if there are only the "normal" latex messages.

And now there is an etex.fmt file in my project directory
but there is alread an format file located (windows) at:


The file in my project dir seems to be an exact copy of that file.

I also have now an additional etex.log file in my project directory.
How can I redirect/place that log file, eg. to a subdir "tmp" which
is my "working" folder, passed to latex using "-output-directory=tmp"

And how can I supress/reduce all the additional etex output?
Especially all the output of loaded words for a large number
of languages and how to supress the font infos, etc.

Usually I only need the output which are related to my
document and when there is something going wrong within
my document. At the end I would like to have an output
which is similar to that ouptut of miktex. This makes it
more easy to me to compare, etc.

btw: I already redirect the output to >/dev/null (>nul) but with
the last run of latex I would like to see the messages (expect
the additional etex messages) which are from the latex command.

Where can I find now the produced mydoc.dvi? ;-)
It seems there is no dvi with these "-etex -ini etex.ini" options.
Why? Do I have to use other switches/args to get latex running
with etex from the commandline?


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