[tex-live] XeLaTeX Not enough memory (part 2)

Pander pander at users.sourceforge.net
Sat May 22 14:33:11 CEST 2010

Hi all,

TeX Live 2009 has increased (doubled) the amount of memory which XeLaTeX 
can allocate. However, this still gets me into trouble.

I'm constructing a font catalogue with 210 different types, almost all 
in regular, bold, bold italic and italic. All OTF, TTF and type1 are 
accessed via \fontspec, sometimes with different settings for lining 
numerals, ligatures, etc. is being used via \addfontfeatures.

If I add one of two more types, I get the famous "not enough memory" 
error. The documentation tells me to increase font_mem_size. This is set 
to 3000000 and I could only raise it to 4000000 without it having any 
effect on the numbers at which it crashes.

I have discovered that using TTF takes up a whole lot more of memory as 
using type1. However the output file is still very small, 15 MB. For the 
file size, it is not an issue, only for the memory needed while 
processing the tex file.

Hence, I have the following questions:
- How can one configure in TeX Live the order of inclusion of font 
types? E.g. firstly use typ1, secondly user ttf, ... etc.
- Do I abuse fontspec in anyway for XeLaTeX to require so much memory or 
is fontspec not optimised in this regard?
- Could once again the default value of fonts_mem_size be doubled? Why 
is this limited anyway? While running XeLaTeX I never have memory 
problems on my 4GB 64-bit machine, whereas other applications are free 
to use as much as they like.



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