[tex-live] iso file

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Mon May 17 15:16:01 CEST 2010

On So, 16 Mai 2010, Paul Gesting wrote:
> I am trying to install TexLive on a linux machine that is behind a
> firewall, so I cannot use the install script.

port 80, www, is blocked??? Are you sure?

> Also, I am not root so I cannot use the package installer (or mount an iso).

That is normal, yes.

> I downloaded the iso and in an attempt to bypass writing it to a DVD, I
> simply used the linux archive to extract the iso.

What do you mean with "the linux archive" to extract it? There are many 
programs, you seem to have used a bad one.

> I found out that when you do that, it breaks all the sym links and they
> become just empty files (a name, with zero file size).

Then you used a bad program. I just now extracted the  bin/i386-linux dir
which contains loads of symlinks with *isomaster* and it worked
without any problem, as normal user without mounting the image or so.

> I tried it in Windows with 7-zip and it did the same thing.

Of course, Windows, does not support symlinks.

> that you must either mount it or burn it - you cannot extract the files
> directly. 

Of course you can!!!!! Please do not spread that kind of wrong information,
thanks. Use the right tools.

Best wishes

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