[tex-live] Use of the updmap-local.cfg file

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Sat Jul 31 03:32:49 CEST 2010

On Fr, 30 Jul 2010, Beuthe, Thomas wrote:
> If there is some consensus on this suggestion, I will try it when I get back home to my test machine.

Trust me.

> I don't quite understand how a missing update is the culprit however since the advice about the

No it is not the culprit, I never said that. I recommended it. 

> With regard to the " tlmgr update --self --all" command, there is something else there that has been bugging me.
> If I loaded my original install from F: (say) drive using a DVD, then the first thing this command will demand
> is that the load disk should still be resident in that drive to recall the load database and refuse to proceed
> if this disk is not resident. Why should this be necessary?  Once the load and install is done, why should the

Because the default installation location is the one from where you installed.

You have to change that one to the internet update, like
	tlmgr option repository ctan
which will allow you to update TL2009, and the tlmgr.

> - tlmgr generate updmap

Did you do that one????

Best wishes

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