[tex-live] Use of the updmap-local.cfg file

Beuthe, Thomas beuthet at aecl.ca
Fri Jul 30 03:57:26 CEST 2010



Recently I loaded the 2009 version of TeXLive in a Windows machine.
I wanted to also use the Y&Y mathtime fonts I own with this installation.


To do this, I need to add the mt-yy.map and mt-plus.map
files to the map files used by pdfTeX and dvips among others.


I tested by manually adding the entries to the files,
and everything worked well, but it's probably not the "correct" way

adding the font definitions.


According the information I could find this should be possible
by adding the definitions via the texmf-local area.


So I saved the mt-yy.map and mt-plus.map files in the
area, and also added a updmap-local.cfg file in this location.

The updmap-local.cfg file contains the following two lines:


Map mt-yy.map
Map mt-plus.map


Then I booted the TeX Live Manager 2009,
pressed the "configuration" tab, and clicked the following three buttons in the following order:


- Re-initialize the database
- Re-create all formats
- Update font map database


Doing this allowed me to set up the paths to various other needed packages like
mathtime.sty and the mathtime font definition files located in the texmf-local
area.  That part worked nicely.  This action also refreshed the updmap.cfg files

and reset them back to their original state (removing my manually added modifications),
but it did NOT add the changes I put in the updmap-local.cfg file.


At this point I'm not sure why.

What did I miss?





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