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Wed Jul 21 20:52:33 CEST 2010

On Wed 21st Jul, 2010 at 18:25, Werner LEMBERG seems to have written:

>>> No, I'm sorry, every time that you, or one of your fellow
>>> implementors, finds it necessary to resort to sarcasm in
>> Sarcasm is a very nice thing, and very typical for Viennese people,
> I second this: Being Viennese too, you should have some mercy for us
> doing `raunzen' all the time...  Here's a nice page which touch the
> whole topic slightly:
>  http://myweb.dal.ca/waue/Trans/Wien.html
> Norbert, there you can also find two Haiku in Viennese dialect :-)

I always think of it as quite British. When I lived in the States I not
infrequently engendered confusion because my sarcastic comment would be
interpreted literally and I had to explain it was a "joke" (=not
literally meant or not entirely serious).

I personally found the interjection something of a relief, but perhaps
I am not entirely typical.

I am impressed by the thought that somebody could have found it "highly
offensive". I did not find it offensive but I could understand somebody
finding it mildly so. But there is so much excellent competition in the
world that I cannot but be impressed that somebody could find it highly

In any case, it is not always wrong to offend, even knowingly. There is
a prima facie case against it, perhaps, but no more than that.

- cfr

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