[tex-live] textlive seems to ignore top of home tree

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Wed Jul 21 16:35:03 CEST 2010

On Mi, 21 Jul 2010, hometreetexlive.9.virgilinux at dfgh.net wrote:
> Well, just following Akira's suggestion I achieved the exact functionality that is being proposed with one single line of "code" 
> (export TEXINPUTS=/home/rodxxx/texmf: )

So please be happy and let us stop that discussion, can we?

> So the only remotely conceivable "performance hit" that I can imagine is the act of looking for the class/style file at the top of the home tree... and action equivalent to looking for the class/style file in the work directory, which LaTeX currently DOES always, without anyone complaining about it.

Only because *you* cannot imagine some problems does not mean they
don't exist. I don't see much contribution (besides whining) of you
in the last 10 years, so why don't you *simply* trust those people
who are working on preparing TeX distributions since more than 10 years?

> But if this was really a problem, it could in principle be solved (I
> suppose almost as easily) by asking LaTeX to first look inside the
> appropriate home tree subdirectory and then, ONLY when it could not

So, why - instead of whining and whining - don't you get your *** off
and program that into the LaTeX kernel, or into libkpathsea, or wherever
you think it is appropriate and supply a patch to that?

> In any case, I continue to be puzzle by the fact that today LaTeX seems
> to always look (by the fault) in the user work directory

Ever, *EVER* taken a look into texmf.cnf?
Ever, *ever* tried to understand what is written there?

Last email from my side, a topic where the user got a solution
delivered free at home and still continues ad nauseam ...

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