[tex-live] is this a fontool or TL issue?

cfrees at imapmail.org cfrees at imapmail.org
Sun Jul 18 02:52:52 CEST 2010

On Sat 17th Jul, 2010 at 23:18, Karl Berry seems to have written:

>    I'm not sure if this is a fontool or TL issue (or something more local).
> Fontool.  Try writing Marc Penninga.  Dunno if he's still around.

Do you have any contact details for him? The readme date on CTAN is
only last year but I can't find an email address anywhere.

>    What is font2afm calling/doing to write the first part of the afm?
> I see it calling cfftot1 in the case of otf input, and then rerunning
> itself on the resulting pfb, plus calling ot2kpx.  Perhaps running it
> under strace/truss would show all the external exec's in sequence.

I suspect it will be easier to use FontForge than to find out what this


*=thanks in my dialect though somebody said it means 'bye' in North

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