[tex-live] Pretest TL2010 (successes)

Pavel Striz striz at fame.utb.cz
Fri Jul 16 11:18:22 CEST 2010

Friendly said, I didn't complain either, I did recommend those packages as your website supports us (the TeX Live users) to do so.  I did contact Mr. Fujita once (no response) and I'm trying it again.  Well, that pTeX in TL2010 makes me happy as I'm reviewing an article about it.  After I installed TL2010 I was ready to start doing my job.  I like it, thanks! ;-)

Btw. I like the way the TL installer checked my path (TL2009) on Windows and corrected it to a new one (TL2010).  That was cool and friendly!


Pavel Striz

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Predmet: Re: [tex-live] Pretest TL2010 (successes)

>>>> http://xymtex.com/fujitas2/texlatex/
>> i don't even understand what most of those are about.  there seem to be
>> few comments, and those are often in oriental languages that i can't
>> read.
>  The first section contains packages for vertical typesetting, for
> example.  It's an area where input from the Japanese community is
> obviously most valuable, and where TeX Live is somewhat lacking.  But
> this is of course not to contradict you when you say that those packages
> should be uploaded to CTAN first.
> Arthur
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