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Sun Jul 11 00:30:32 CEST 2010

On Sat 10th Jul, 2010 at 22:05, Karl Berry seems to have written:

>    Not in tex/, but they are in fonts/. So you will end up with
>    multiple [.enc] copies/versions to potentially confuse dvips/pdftex
>    etc. Won't that create problems?
> Sorry, I missed the .enc's.
> Yes, you're right, duplicated .enc's are a problem.  For that case, I
> think by far the best approach is for each .enc to have its own unique
> name (even if the contents are 100% identical).  As in, xxx-ts1.enc for
> font package xxx, yyy-ts1.enc for font package yyy, etc.
OK. If I can possibly avoid proliferating .etx files, I'd like to as it
will make things easier (in some ways).

What I'd like to do, then, is copy the .enc files with unique names.
But I'm not sure if that's practical.

The .map files will obviously need to be edited.

Suppose a line contains this reference:
This presumably requires a matching file name so can I simply change it
for example?

I'm not sure what the last entry on the .map file lines does:
 	" fontinst-autoenc-ts1-euro ReEncodeFont "
This matches the following line in the encoding file:
 	/fontinst-autoenc-ts1-euro [
Does this need to match the filename? Or can this be left?

Or should I really create unique .etx files to feed fontinst in the
first place?

Sorry for all the questions.

> Experience has shown that trying to share .enc files between packages
> leads to far more trouble than it could ever help.

I can see that. The reason I've created the problem is that it
obviously does not create problems on the machine of a single user and
it allowed me to reuse code easily. That was fine for practising in


> Thanks,
> k

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