[tex-live] packaging

Dr. Clea F. Rees cfrees at imapmail.org
Sat Jul 10 20:47:53 CEST 2010

This might be a CTAN question - I'm not sure.

I have produced/am in the process of producing various font-related
support packages for LaTeX. Right now, 4 are on CTAN although one is a
single file.

Two packages currently on CTAN use ts1-euro.etx/.enc and at least one
further package is ready to upload which also uses this file. At the
moment (I just realised) only one of the packages on CTAN actually
includes these files.

It is likely that future versions of these packages (or maybe other
similar packages) will share similar files.  Most are either modified
versions of fontinst files or of files from the Font Installation Guide.
Although some are specific to a particular collection, others might
find themselves being re-used.

ts1-euro, for example, works around a problem I encountered using
fontinst with fonts containing "Euro" rather than "euro". (Basically,
fontinst was faking the Euro symbol even when the font provided it.) It
is not very interesting since it is otherwise identical to fontinst's

Question: how should these files be packaged? Should they be included
in all the relevant packages? Should they be packaged separately?
Individually? (The latter would seem far too complex.)


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