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Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Fri Jul 9 17:55:19 CEST 2010

Hi everyone,

too many messages on a very funny topic, with loads of misunderstandings.

Maybe the following will clear up some things:

We = TeX Live Team do the following:
- remove or not include packages on the explicit wish of the author
- remove documentation files without source, adding a README file
  which files have been removed
- do *not* remove packages because some documentation file has been removed

So we will not start removing packages just for fun.

Concerning the "source" documentation: source is the preferred form
of modification. And if someone sends me a pdf file and says this
is the preferred form of modifications and in the pdfinfo I see that
it was generated by pdflatex, or OOwriter, or MSOffice, then this is
a lie, period.

This is the way these kinds are handled in Debian, and TeX Live
follows the DFSG with the exception of GFDL with invariant sections.

I think that clearly states our position. Further discussion can be
please done on debian-devel or somewhere else to get explanations of
what DFSG means.

If anyone questions the meaning and importance of free software (and
that includes free documentation) (s)he is free to do so, but we are
free to do what we think is the right way. Period. If you are not 
content with that please start your own TeX distribution.

We already proposed *MANY* times that someone steps forward and creates
a TeX Live Package repository for non-free packages, and probably 
removed documentation. That would be easy to do, there is a detailed
explanation how to do tha tin our docs. So if the need is *SOOOO* big
why didn't anyone step forward?

Again, we are free to choose our guidelines, and they are summed up in
the above paragraph (DFSG with exception for GFDL). If you don't like
it, please make your own distribution. You can use all our scripts, you
can use all our knowledge (that is why we develop free software!), but
you have to do your own work.


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